Key Information

Subject: Social and Political Science

Credit?: No

Eligibility: Students must be in final two years of high school (aged 16-18)

Language requirements: n/a

Start date: 19 July 2021

Length: 2 weeks

Contact hours: 30

Course fee: £2,698

Application deadline: 27 June 2021 (Midnight - BST)

Course Description

The course introduces pre-university students to the social sciences, focusing on individual disciplines as well as common theoretical premises.

The course will explore the relationship between the individual and society. This relationship will be used as overarching theme to link separate disciplines and topics to facilitate interdisciplinary and inter-textual thinking. Topics to be covered include the role of the government and the state, social conventions and norms, economic and political structures and the place and importance of the individual.

Students will study a range of different subjects such as Politics, Economics and Sociology and develop skills in inter-disciplinary reading and thinking. 

  • Politics: How do individuals take decisions which affect the entire society? What is the role of the government, the parliament, international organisations? Students will focus on the practices of the British political system and the European Union as well as the relationship between the UK and the EU.

  • Economics: How do individuals and societies produce the goods and services that satisfy their needs and sustain their livelihoods? This will include the study of rationality and economic interactions and it will look at practical subjects including international markets and trade.

  • Sociology: A study of human relations and social organisations. This will include the study of group behaviour and social norms while focusing on the history and evolution of work and the fourth Industrial Revolution.


20 x 1.5-hour sessions, two each day

Live sessions will run from 17.00-18.30 and 19.30-21.00 (BST) each day

  • Introduction to the Course

  • Politics 1: The British Political System

  • Politics 2: The European Union

  • Politics 3: The UK-EU Relationship after Brexit

  • Economics 1: The Global Financial System

  • Economics 2: Global Financial Crises

  • Economics 3: The Eurozone Crisis

  • Sociology 1: Work in History

  • Sociology 2: The Future of Work

  • Social Sciences in the Contemporary World

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