Key Information

Subject: Education/Sport

Credit level: SCQF Level 8 (Year 1 Undergraduate)

Credits: 20 SCQF/10 ECTS/4 US (Read more about credit study)

Eligibility: 1 year of undergraduate study and aged 18 or above

Language requirements: Evidence of language ability equivalent to IELTS 6.5 (with a minimum of 5.5 in each component) or above

Start date: 02 August 2021

Length: 4 weeks

Contact hours: 56

Course fee: £3,156

Application deadline: 20 June 2021 (Midnight - BST)

Course Description

The Global Impact of Sport has two broad themes:

Sport and Global Affairs: the way in which sport is being used today by the United Nations, UNICEF, the World Bank, the World Health Organization and trans-national NGO’S as a cost effective social tool that can contribute to global challenges of health, justice, conflict resolution, social inclusion, education for all, sustainability and international development.

Sport, Heritage and Scottish Culture: examine the contribution that sport has made to Scotland’s history and culture.  


Week 1

  • Introduction to Summer School

  • Introduction to Global Impact of Sport and Assignment One Tutorials/Seminar

  • Introduction to Scottish Sporting Heritage and Culture

  • Sport as Business and Economics 

  • Time allocated to work on Assignment One

Week 2

  • Sport More than a Game 

  • Sport and Meg Events 

  • The Dark Side of Sport

  • Golf and Scotland 

  • Sport, Safeguarding Children and Rights

Week 3

  • Football and Scotland

  • Sport as International Relations: Sport, Diplomacy and Peace- Building

  • Sport and the Sustainable Development Goals

  • Sport, Poverty and the Homeless World Cup

  • Assignment Two Tutorials/Seminars

Week 4

  • Sport, Charity and Corporate Responsibility

  • Scotland’s Oldest Sport

  • Sport as International Business

  • Scotland’s Highland Games

  • Sport and Health

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